September 2020

On Arrival

Parents and children will wait in their cars. At the start of class your child’s teacher will come to the front door to collect them. Please keep an eye out for your teacher. Where possible, children can make their way unaccompanied to the front door. For younger children, parents may accompany them to the door, but please be aware of social distancing at all times. There should be no queuing by the door.

We have a sanitising station on entry. We ask that all children sanitise their hands before entering the building.

Please ensure your children are dressed in their dance clothes on arrival, the changing room is out of use. Please only bring a dance bag if absolutely necessary.

Where possible, please use the bathroom before you arrive. The toilets are available to use, we would however, like as minimal use as possible.

If your child is showing any symptoms on arrival, they strictly must not attend class or enter the building.

In Class

Teachers will take the register in every class for track and trace.

The Studios will be cleaned between classes and deeply sanitised at the start and end of each session.

Our Studios have been marked out for social distancing. Each child has their own box marked clearly on the studio floor. Class sized are limited to allow for distancing, including a box for the teacher.

Each studio has a sanitising station which will be used during class if necessary. Our senior students will wipe down the barre after use, our younger students will not be using the ballet barres at the start of term. There will be no use of props or sharing equipment for school aged chidren.

When possible, windows will be open to allow for maximum ventilation.

Doors will remain open between classes to prevent multiple hands using the door handles.

There will be no hands on correction.

Where suitable, teachers will face the mirrors when teaching.

Waiting Room

The waiting room is strictly out of use, other than for pre-school classes (see below) or for the parents of young children on a three week trial. These are the only parents who should enter the building.


Toilets will be strictly only one at a time and no queing.

There will be sanitiser at the door which must be used on entry and exit to the bathroom.

Disposable hand towels and pedal bins are now in use.

Toilets will be cleaned at the start and end of each session.


The kitchen is strictly out of use.

There will be no tea or coffee facilities at the moment.

Students must bring their own, clearly marked, drinks bottle.

Changing Room

The changing room is strictly out of use. This is clearly marked.

If a student falls unwell during class they will wait, supervised, in the changing room.

Pre School Classes

For our younger students we shall only be using washable props. These will be sanitised and/or taken away to be washed between each class.

There will be no ballet books to read during the register, sadly.

During the class, props will be colour coded to prevent sharing.

One parent/carer may wait in the waiting area, social distancing must be maintained. You are responsible for your own social distancing. If you need to bring a younger child with you, you are responsible for ensuring your child social distances.

The waiting area will be sanitised between each pre-school class.

Please leave prompty, before the next class arrives.

Apologies, the toys in the waiting room are out use.

Ideally parents will wait in the car, when possible.

On Exit

Children will be brought out to the front door by their teacher. Please ensure you are keeping your eyes out at the time they are finishing.

We have created spaces in our timetable, one teacher will bring the children to parents, the other teacher will clean the studios before collecting the next set of children.

It is imperative you are not late to pick up your children. If you are late, you must walk around to The Studios window so we know you have arrived. There will be strictly no children in the waiting room.

Please be aware there will be children in the car park entering/exiting their cars, please take extra care.

We thank you for your understanding in the efforts made to keep us all safe.