Parking and Traffic Policy

The Studios has lots of space for cars. As part of our Planning application, we have indicated that we will avoid creating any disruption to the A25 and to our neighbours. So there are some rules that we require all parents to comply with:

  1. Please do not stop to drop your children off on the A25. Please drive in to the carpark, drop your child off, turn round and leave. Under no circumstances park your cars in front of neighbours’ drives. And never reverse out onto the main road.
  2. Our drive is not wide enough for two cars to pass. So give way to all traffic entering the site from the A25 to avoid any queuing on the main road.
  3. The first bay of spaces on the drive belongs to our neighbours. Please do not ever park in these spaces.
  4. We are lucky to have the number of spaces that we have and we believe that this should be sufficient for our timetable. But please park considerately, taking up the minimum of space. Only block others in if you know that you are both leaving at the same time. Always try to ensure that there is space for people to turn.

If we are all considerate to our neighbours and to each other, we’ll have no problems.